Designed to help you keep track of your working hours and payments, the time
sheet feature is ideal for the busy tradesperson. Get a detailed picture of your team’s productivity, and never lose a billable hour again.
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Make time tracking a breeze

No need for time sheets or complicated spreadsheets when you can digitally keep track of your work hours.

It simplifies your work by calculating the time spent on each task automatically. It gives you the most comprehensive view of your working hours, as well as detailed information about how you spend your time on different projects.

Know exactly how much you earn

With our time sheet feature, it’s easy to set up automated timekeeping for your team members so that they can monitor how they spend their time.

By supplying digital time sheets to your colleagues, they’ll know exactly how long they have been working on a project. As a result, they’ll be aware of how much they can expect to be paid on any given day.

Never miss a billable hour

In just a few simple steps, you can record every billable activity that you and your team carry out. Add new entries whenever you need to, or edit entries if you forget about something you need to record. You’ll never overlook another chargeable hour again.

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The most valuable tool on the van for anyone that needs fast estimating, quoting and invoicing in the trade or construction industry. With super powerful job management and many other great features.
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