Team Communication

Bring team communication to another level, with direct messaging for all team members, create general groups, or specific job groups.

Bringing Your Team Together

At the heart of every business is communication. Keeping people together and creating clear and effective communication amongst your staff.

With one to one chat, to different group chats, or creating specific job chats, our team communication feature will really pull your team together.

Individual One On One Chats

Keep in touch with individual members of your team, and also allow them to all be in touch individually for specific advice needed.

Keep all members of your team in one place and fully accessible at all times. Take your business communications to a much higher level, connecting everyone to everyone.

Create Specific Job Groups

Create groups for specific jobs that you are working on at the time. Add in all the relevant employees working on that job and keep clear and trackable communication within the team for everything to do with that job.

You can have multiple job groups created at the same time and you can delete them as and when it's appropriate for you to do so.

Add Images Videos Or Attachments

Share anything you need within the chat, so send images or videos, or even individual file attachments to keep everything clear and transparent in what you are doing.

You also have full use of emojis and favicons to add a bit of humour and fun within your conversations.
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