SMTP Email Set Up

Deliver your emails to your clients without delay. Take advantage of our SMTP relay service for efficient and reliable email delivery.

Easily set up your email details

Our email set up feature lets you choose between business type and personal type email.

You can set up your SMTP details by entering your username, password, and other configuration details. This way, you can connect your preferred email account when sending a quote or invoice to your clients.

Send emails to clients with confidence

As your company expands, you’ll need a reliable SMTP server to send more emails.

Integrated into the system, our email relay service feature offers a great level of deliverability. Always feel at ease when sending transactional emails to your client’s inbox in a breeze

Keep your emails away from spam folders

Have your emails forwarded to your client’s inbox, not to spam.

With the SMTP email feature, you can ensure that your emails are actually sent to their target recipients and from your internal email or your colleague’s email account. This means that no more quotes or invoices are going into spam.

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