Profit and Loss

Are you tracking your exact profit and loss on each job and are you making the profits you set out when giving your quote.
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Profit and loss

Check Profit Markups On Every Item or Category

On creating an initial costing for a job check all your individual profit markups and what you will be earning on every piece.

You can edit via whole category or you can edit via individual level. Checking the profit markup on each item also helps ensure that the tradesman is pricing their services competitively, while still making a reasonable profit, which is essential for the long-term success of their business.

Track Your Full Profit & Loss On Every job

View an accurate graph of your profit and loss lines on a job. See the total invoice value that you have sent so far, what money you have had in to date and what money you have spent out to date on materials and wages and track your desired profit levels to see you are on target.
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Profit and loss ins & outs

Track All Money In & Out

Stay up to date with all your ins and out financially. Track all your payments in for which invoice and what percentage and also track all your costs out on materials and labour.

All labour costs assigned to timesheets will also be brought through into your payment costs.
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