Calendar Management

View all your team’s jobs in one location, and match calendars to specific jobs.
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Personalise your Calendar

Keep track of everything you need to do by setting up your colour coding for different jobs.

As you work through the month, you’ll find yourself jumping from day to day as the different colours catch your attention.

As you keep on looking at the calendar, you’ll be familiar with what each one represents.

Set up job details

With Custom Quoter, you can easily create appointments throughout the entire year.

Whether you’re managing your daily, weekly or monthly schedule, you simply have to click on a new job or an existing one, assign your colleagues, and set the timeline.

If you want to extend the duration of a job, you can do so if it exceeds a specified timeline.

Drag and drop your calendar events

Schedule and reschedule all of your appointments in one place with the drag-and-drop functionality.

View an information-packed calendar that gives you a clear, visual overview of your entire schedule.

If you have a specific job to check, you can even open it directly in the calendar and check what needs to be edited

Create a recurring event

You never have to worry about forgetting to do the job again. It’s easy setting up a recurring schedule on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

You can also set up the interval and how many times you want it to recur.
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