Business Analytics

Make the most of your business data. Use the business analytics feature as your personal dashboard to keep track of your business progress.
Business Analytics Software
business analytics software

Get a quick snapshot of your
business stats

With the business analytics feature, you can quickly and easily track your business growth over time.

Get insights into your key performance indicators, like the number of documents sent, revenue gained, and products sold. View graphs to see how your business is performing, and use them to make informed decisions.

Compare your
business data over time

As an exciting way to keep track of your business, this useful feature will show you your monthly or yearly stats and compare them to previous periods.

Track how many quotes you’re sending out and put them side by side to the jobs you’re getting. Compare the number of invoices sent and the amount of money earned between last year and this year to check how your business has grown.

analytics data comparison
analytics for business

Gain a clearer picture
of your business

The tool will show you which part of your business is working best and where you and your team members could make improvements

Aside from tracking invoices and quotes, you can also monitor the summary of jobs by location. Having this information will allow you to see where most of your team’s time is spent and which colleagues are working the most hours.

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