Custom Quoter is choc-full of powerful functionality for anyone in the trades or construction sector. Read below to see the powerful benefits it can bring to your business immediately.
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See our extensive list of benefits below
  • Job Pricing in Minutes Not Hours
  • Rapid Estimation/Quotation Tool
  • Create Customised Pricing Forms
  • Compare Supplier Prices Instantly
  • Automated Job Follow-up/Chase
  • Swifter Invoicing from Anywhere
  • Searchable Contacts Database
  • Emails to Inboxes Not to Spam
  • Customisable Email Templates
  • Track Email Opens
  • Simplified Job Payment Solution
  • Calendar Task/Job Allocation
  • Job Timeline Audit Trail
  • H&S, Risk and Contracts Creator
  • Job Specification Tool
  • Add Photos/Sketches/Documents
  • Quickly Access Estimates
  • Rapidly Reuse Templated Quotes

Win More Jobs

Timing is everything, the quicker you can submit your quote the better your chances of winning the job. So, Custom Quoter offers loads of features to help you do just that, including:

• Our ‘Live-Pricing’ feature, which gives you a price comparison tool at your fingertips from all your favourite suppliers.

• Our ‘Custom Pricing’ feature, which enables you to create whole-of-job estimation templates that pull in material and labour pricing and instantly produces quotes and procurement requirements for each similar job.

• Our ‘Power Emailing’ feature lets you track estimate/quote emails to see when they’ve been viewed so you can follow-up, and

• Our ‘Automated follow-up’ feature will chase up prospects to ensure that you convert more quotes into jobs.

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improve your cashflow

Improve Your Cashflow

Cashflow is the backbone of any business and from an individual tradesperson to an SME construction firm, payment timing is everything, which is why we have built the following features into Custom Quoter:

• Our ‘Payment Solution’ feature, which adds an instruction button to each quote email you send, prompting a client to settle your deposit or full fee much more quickly through a secure payment gateway.

• Our ‘Invoice Anywhere’ feature, which enables you to create branded invoice templates inside our platform, that can be completed and submitted from your phone wherever you may be to ensure that you get paid more quickly.

• Our ‘Live Pricing’ feature, which not only helps you to select the best prices for the materials you’ll use on a job, but to choose from suppliers who offer you the best payment terms.

• Our ‘Quotation Database’ feature, which stores all the estimates and quotations that you have produced so you can reuse and adapt them later on, saving you from wasting hours creating new ones unnecessarily.

Simplify Job Management

Custom Quoter has a multitude of features that help you once you have won the job to manage your time, your team, your money and your client. These include:

• Our ‘Job Timeline’ feature, which automatically organises everything to do with a project into a single file – all communications, documents and uploaded content – so you have an audit trail of activity.

• Our ‘Calendar’ feature, which provides a central job schedule for you and/or your team to access and for tasks or jobs to be allocated among your workforce.

• Our ‘Health & Safety’ feature, which acts as a central repository for all H&S reporting, contracts and certificates for rapid access when needed or for attachment to any other documents or client communications.

• Our ‘Regularly Used’ feature, which stores all important information you may use on a regular basis – client contact details, sub-contractor information, suppliers, prices, products/materials/services, and so on.

Simplify Job Management
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The most valuable tool on the van for anyone that needs fast estimating, quoting and invoicing in the trade or construction industry. With super powerful job management and many other great features.
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