8 Reasons Why Carpenters Software Improves Your Business Operations

carpenters software

If you’re in need of an efficient way to nail down your business goals, then you need the right carpenters software.

By running your business using a software, you can detach yourself from paperworkburden. You stay away from mental clutter. And you don’t let your business take down your day.

You can automate many of your processes, freeing up your time so you can do what you do best - creating outstanding carpentry work!

Here’s why it’s helpful to manage your trades business online with a software that can give you a variety of features.

1. Instant quotes that look professional

Engaging yourself in creation of quotes is a time-consuming task. You must consider how much the job will cost, as well as when you should send it to your client.

When you have to manually enter all the details for every job, it can become inconvenient. And when working on bigger projects, getting everything organised can take an almost unbearably long time.

With the right software, you can generate accurate quote for almost any project in a matter of minutes.

You simply enter the materials you require. And the software takes care of the rest.

You can then submit the quote to the client for review and approval. You’ll have a signed contract in no time at all.

2. Emails sent and received on time

Imagine if your emails to your clients go unopened or unread. What’s even worse is that your emails actually land in the spam folder!
That’s why making use of an emailing tool that tracks when your quote emails are opened can be a great help. So you follow up with your clients more effectively.

By using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email relay service, ensure timely delivery of your messages.

You can also ensure that emails sent from your or a colleague’s email address are delivered to the intended recipients.

3. Price-finding tool in real-time

With the rising cost of products these days, it’s no surprise that pricing has become such a challenging task for carpenters.

How can you tell if you’re getting the best deal on materials for a woodworking project?

When working on any type of project, you have to be aware of the current prices of all the products you’ll be using. This is where a live product pricing feature comes in handy.

How about simply entering the product’s name . . . and you’ll be presented instantly with the current price as well as a list of stores selling it?

If you’re working on multiple projects at the same time, this is a huge time saver for you.

You can make your decision based on which supplier provides you with the most favourable payment terms.

4. Your team’s tasks in one place

When there’s so much going on, how do you keep track of it? Do you keep a schedule for your appointments? Do you maintain a daily logbook?

Do you have a system in place to keep yourself organised? You may sometimes find it difficult to keep up with everything because some projects may require a lot of work.

In today’s business environment, having strong organizational abilities is essential for success. By using the appropriate software, you can develop such abilities and gain full control over your work by delegating tasks to team members and clients.

Within a single platform, you can monitor every task. A good way to keep track of everything is to use a colour-coding system. It takes only a few minutes to assign colleagues to specific jobs and create a timeline.

5. Health and safety documents delivered

As a carpenter, it can be tricky to manage the many tasks involved in ensuring your work site is safe and compliant.

You will need to prepare health and safety reports for every job. The process of making such reports takes a long time and can be confusing.

Wouldn’t it be better if you use a software with an integrated feature that lets you create instant health and safety reports? With a fully integrated system, all your reports are stored in one place online and are ready to be sent to your clients.

6. Estimating costs made simple

Before you begin a project, it can be hard to get a clear picture of the costs involved. When creating your quote, you have to be sure that you’re using the correct formulas.

Because not doing so could cost you a lot of money.

But you don’t have to worry because there are proven systems to get an accurate estimate for every project.

The solution: use an estimation tool that can help you directly estimate the project's final cost. By using this feature, all the materials you need can be priced accurately based on the dimensions you provide.

It’s as simple as entering the dimensions into the tool. Right away, you’ll get a precise cost estimate.

7. Job sheets customised for quick reference

As a carpenter, you can take on a wide variety of different projects. But it’s difficult to remember everything that needs to be done if you don’t write it all down on a job sheet.

Sometimes the smallest change in work site conditions requires significant changes to the job sheet. This becomes a problem, especially if you want to ensure that your team has all the information they need to do their jobs correctly.

With a job sheet creation tool, you can give your team a heads-up on what they can expect on the site. They can get instant preliminary site details like side access, waste removal, and excavations.

8. Single dashboard for business data

Measuring the success of your business is too important to be left up to guesswork. Time-consuming tasks can put your business at risk, because you might overlook important trends or opportunities. And you can’t afford that.

You need a tool like business analytics to help you keep up with your business.

With a single dashboard, you can get a quick snapshot of your business stats and make informed decisions. This only means you can monitor all of your data in one place. You can easily compare your business performance over different periods of time. This allows you to gain insight into your key indicators like the number of documents sent, revenue earned, and products sold.


You don’t have to feel rushed all the time. Consider using a business management software designed for tradespeople like carpenters to save time and grow your business.

With Custom Quoter, you can create invoices in minutes, automate repetitive tasks, and use time-saving features to streamline every aspect of your carpentry and woodworking business.

Learn more about how these features can help you improve your workflow or increase your productivity!

Click here to find out how a game-changing carpenters software can help you.

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