4 Ways Business Management Software Can Scale Up Your Trade Business

Ways Business Management Software Can Scale Up Your Trade Business

Have you ever felt like you constantly have to juggle running your business and your trade? Maybe it's time to consider scaling up.

As a tradesman, you know that if your business is not growing, it will eventually stop. You have to find ways by which you can increase your sales and scale up your business.

One of the most difficult aspects of taking your business to the next level can be managing all the tasks that come with running your own business. But if you have an effective system in place, it can make things easier.

This is where business management software comes in handy! Now is the time to get organized so you can use this awesome tool.

Read on to know the three ways on how businesses can scale up their operations with the help of software.

1. Easily create professionally looking quotes

You know that a good quote is one of the best ways for tradesmen to get new business, but you're not sure how to do it fast.

You also know that there are technology tools out there that can help you accomplish this task quicker. But the thing is, you have to go through multiple steps.

Sometimes, you're even not sure if you've entered all the information correctly. This is especially difficult when you're working with a customer over the phone or in person because there are so many things that can be forgotten or misunderstood.

A lot of tradesmen find it really difficult to create quotes, especially professional-looking ones because they think it's complicated or takes too much time.

Obviously, as a tradesman, you want to focus on your work and not on paperwork. Your goal is to avoid losing clients and sales. After all, there’s a lot of tradesmen out there vying for the same job.

With Custom Quoter’s rapid estimation / quotation tool, you can quickly create professionally looking quotes in just minutes, so that you can spend more of your day focused on growing your business.

You can show your clients the software-generated quotes reflecting the value of what you’re offering them.

If you’re someone who loves automating everything, you’ll be thrilled with how our software can quickly come up with your clients’ needed estimates.

The software also makes it easy to reuse estimates and quotations through the quotation database feature and send them out to your clients via email with just one click. It ensures that you can close more deals with less effort on your part.

2. Streamline the process of doing business

Every tradesman knows that the hardest part of running a business is managing all of the clients, projects, and estimates.

You have to keep track of dozens of documents, spreadsheets, and email threads just to manage your business. You even have to find time to manage your Facebook and Instagram business pages.

Admit it: In the world of business, there's a lot to organise. Tracking deadlines and tasks for several projects at once can be a nightmare.

Despite all the digital tools available today that can aid in managing your time and scheduling your day, they do not seem to be of much help.

Managing your business puts so much pressure on you to get everything right because otherwise, you'll lose out on income while doing more work than necessary or losing money altogether.

We built Custom Quoter with your challenges in mind – so you can focus on what's important to you.

With the software, you can streamline your business process by eliminating paperwork and reducing errors. You'll spend less time on administrative tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

You can keep track of every activity that needs to happen for each project using our job timeline feature, which automatically organises all communications, documents, and uploaded content.

The software also comes with a calendar feature that provides a central schedule that all team members are able to access, and tasks and jobs are assigned accordingly.

3. Easily follow sales leads

You're busy. You still have a lot of work to do, and you definitely need to convert your prospects into paying customers.

But most of the time your clients don't respond when you send them an email or call them with a quote request. And if they do get back to you, it will usually be weeks later, when it will be too late to take advantage of the opportunity.

Following leads is a huge part of any tradesman's business, but it can also be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming.

You know that getting more quotes is important for your business, but you can't seem to chase up enough prospects. Admit it, you don't always have enough time in your day to do so effectively.

With its automated follow-up feature, Custom Quoter will do all the chasing for you. This is to ensure that you convert more quotes into jobs.

How do you know then that you need to follow up with a client? Our software also comes with a power emailing feature that lets you know if the quote has been opened, so you know exactly what works best when following up with prospects.

4. Take your business to the next level

If you're looking for a more efficient and professional way to grow your trade business, you should take advantage of the benefits that business management software can provide you.

One of the best ways to grow your trade business is by adopting a scalable system that can handle more clients, orders, and inventory. By using such a system, you can easily create professional-looking quotes, follow sales leads and streamline the process of doing business.

By taking advantage of the benefits of easy-to-use software, many tradesmen have found that they've been able to streamline their day-to-day activities so they can spend more quality time doing what they love to do the most.

To find out how we can help take your business to the next level, click here.

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